mittelschön [serie]

  • lebensabschnittsübergänge
  • zwischen 28 und 42
  • persönlich: zur zeit weder gut noch schlecht
  • träume
  • privatheit
  • identität


absence [series]

  • change
  • between 28 and 42
  • personal: neither good nor bad
  • dreams
  • intimacy
  • identity

The sudden change of a personal situation correlates in most cases with the loss of existing relationships. In that phase, desire and loneliness coin the mental state.

The photographs of this (yet unpublished) series are neither pure documentary nor are they fully arranged: the sitter is not an actress. Rather, she's indeed experiencing change and loss of identity. Here, documentation along with transcendence are key goals. I've known each sitter for at least a year before we decided to take these photos. Trust and intimacy between the sitter and the photographer is more important than plain technical aspects. 


amy is a professional dance teacher. I met her in a cafe in 2009. I did work with her since then. She can be chaotic.


I met tiia 2011 in a record store in hamburg where she works. tiia's life is up and down; despite that, she's extremely reliable. I was really by that as I didn't expect it. tiia does painting (and is a polaroid addict).


a friend (who is still studying photography) had a shooting with milda. I was quite impressed of the photos as they showed a person who wanted to be looked at but also revealed very authentic aspects. 


stella contacted me 'in case you need a model' which was not what I was looking for at that point. We've had a couple of ordinary shootings before we digged deeper into mittelschön.